New category suggestions

If you have any suggestions for new categories, please share them in this topic. We want to avoid having too many categories as that makes it harder to know where to most things. But there are bound to be some focussed categories we should have.

How about an “installation issues” category?

I’m trying to install Node-Red on a VPS, not a Raspberry Pi, and have the same issue with CenotOS 7,Ubuntu 16.04, Debian 7 and Debian 8. Nodejs installs and tests just fine. Node-red aborts attempting the install in ALL of these distros with a bcrypt <2.0 wrap-around issue. I confess I’m a Windows geek but I really expected to find the issue addressed somewhere on this site. I see this issue mentioned - but not solved - online spanning a couple of years! Help.

Thanks for the suggestion for a category. If you are looking for help with that issue, please ask it in #general - this isn’t the category to get help on an issue.

I may have missed it, but is there a preferred category for submitting PR suggestions (for new enhancements or changes to core behavior)? I know I’ve used #general and #development in the past, but it might be nice to have contributed enhancements to the core/editor in their own channel…

Try #development:feature-requests

How about Development: Hardware

@GChapo the Development top-level category is for the development work of the Node-RED project itself - not general development topics. And so far, we don’t have any hardware plans within the project :slight_smile:

But that aside, what sorts of topics would you see living under a hardware category?

Perhaps Development is the incorrect topic area and Hardware needs to sit on its own or in another category. I was thinking of new hardware users had come across, single board computer developments, etc

As per my other thread, I’d suggest a “3rd Party Nodes” category

@rgerrans again, not trying to be difficult, I have to ask, what specifically do you see being discussed in that category. It may sound a silly question, but it’s potentially a very broad category that doesn’t really carve off traffic in a helpful way. Most flows use 3rd party nodes, so that would mean most questions end up in there.

I do think enabling tagging would help here - some 3rd party nodes get mentioned more than others - so being able to tag a topic with a given node module would help future users find related questions.

@knolleary Not being difficult at all, and missed the early related question so apologize for that.

I would anticipate it being around the functionality, bugs, and specific use cases for specific nodes. For example, a while back I was having issues with getting Big Timer to work on holidays. I wasn’t sure if that was an issue with how I was deploying it or if it was a bug in the node. So would have been a good place to post to figure it out. Ideally the node developers will be active here too and can monitor for discussions around their nodes. Agree that Tags are a very necessary part of making this category useful (though they help in other areas as well for cross tagging).

For an example check out how OpenHab organized a category for their add-on related discussions:

Let me know any other input I can help with on thinking this through.

Shouldn’t bugs in third party nodes be reported to the author of the node, in general via opening an issue on the nodes github page? It would surely be far less efficient if there is an expectation that all node authors keep up to date with the category here.

Agree. But my premise above was I wasn’t sure if it was a bug or my misapplication of the node.

Can I put in a suggestion for a category for new and updated node announcements.

Hi Nick,
In another forum, where I spent many years, we have a category “Coding Corner” that proved to be very successful and used a lot

For all discussions & questions/ideas regarding the actual (javascript and maybe other) coding issues you may run into, mostly when writing code in function nodes but also in the template nodes etc. Even for node development, importing various libraries etc etc…under the hood sort of

Another category to consider could be “Node Support” with sub categories / folders for all nodes we have, to get a better structure and to make it easier to browse the board

For those following this thread - Nick has now created the #share-your-nodes category
(to go along with #share-your-projects)

and @DeanC - I moved your node into it :slight_smile:

Category for industrial applications? A category to sort out only those entries which pertain to PLC, Communications, logic, control in process control in Linux or Windows, for example. It could even include RP installs which pertain to industrial or process control.

Then other categories for
Home Security,
Remote Monitoring,
Remote control,
Home automation,
Vehicle Security,
Vehicle Computer Monitoring... Etc.

These seem a bit too fine-grained to be top-level categories. Perhaps some of them could implemented as sub-categories under Share Your Projects or Hardware. See, for example, Core Development, which has sub-categories for Feature Requests and Creating Nodes.

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While the status-quo may seem... adequate to you, my experience is that I need to weed through topics by which are over the place in the "General" category which are not necessarily "feature requests", "Hardware", "Core Development" or "Dashboard" related... IoT, is a pretty wide discussion. It should be reasonable to fathom that persons having background in industrial have a means to at least filter out hobby projects. Vice-versa, the hobbyist should also need a means to filter against his/her interest.

If you believe that the status-quo is perfect for yourself, that's great. Thank you nonetheless.

Yes - I can also see merit is adding an "Industrial" section as we do seem to get a lot of plc / modbus type questions that get fairly specific. I'll lobby the powers that be to see if we can add it.

Not sure on those others yet - we don't want to go too fine grained as it's often the usual suspects who have to look at all the topics - and if something is buried away then it is less likely to get a response. Potentially I can see a video related section (maybe home security related (but again that is too specific) ) - as again that can get fairly deep technical and specialised.