Forum issue - not loading on PC?

Hi all, I can't load node-red forum in chrome on my PC but it's ok on my phone using the PWA app (which I guess caches a lot of the resources)

I've restarted the PC browser etc - no good.

Some clues...

  • I have cache disabled on PC browser (but not on phone).
  • Chrome Devtools showing problem retrieving resources from (and lots of errors as a result)
  • All other pages work (only forum is not working)

Anyone else? Or is it just me :thinking:

Working ok for me Steve.

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Thanks for letting me know.

Would you be willing to disable the cache in network tab in Devtools and refresh?

It is permanently disabled in my computer.


Thanks again @Andrei

This is what I'm seeing...

This error message is really curious: define is not defined

Question: Is the date-time in your computer correctly setup ?

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Aaaaahhhhhhhhh haha

I think you're onto something - I have been working on a fix for time changes & how CRON-PLUS node deals with it...

I will now slope away and put the time right - DOH

Yep, certificates are time sensitive.


It may have been a glitch. I had problems earlier this evening with it taking ages to load, and not opening a message. I closed the tab and re-opened, and everything seems fine now. Note - I'm using Opera, not Chrome.

edit : OK - ignore that, it looks like a problem in the space-time continuum on Steve's machine :smiley:

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