Forwarding a message to any node

Hi everyone. I apologize in advance for my bad English. I have been working with Node-red for a long time and have not come across this issue before. Now I really need your help, dear community members.
I need to forward a message to any node that is in another Flow by its ID. Thanks in advance for your tips and help

Please explain why you want to do this as it defeates the point of the visual aspects of Node-RED and wiring nodes together.

Also if you need to cross flows (tabs) have to looked at the link nodes?

I want to make an analogue of a router in a functional node and send a message to the desired stream depending on the incoming message. I tried to connect nodes and threads in a threaded way and it works, but the threads turn into a huge web and it becomes extremely difficult to figure it out

Using a well designed topic structure, I think you could solve the issue using MQTT

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That was going to be my suggestion as well

Once dynamic link call is available in node-red v3 this would also be a possible solution.

Actually, you can do it now I think using my node-red-contrib-events node.

Hi there, yes that would work fine. And even better, it works great also when used in subflows which currently does not work with the standard link nodes. To verify I just tried a setup as below. I have an "object recognition" flow as a kind of service that can be called upon from one or several subflows using unique topics. The result from the request is then returned back to the calling subflow for further handling like presentation etc etc. Works excellent!

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Thanks everyone for replies. I have looking for some way, to called any node by node-red api. But I found best desicion for me with node-red-contrib-topic-link. It allowed to connect dynamic to any node in the flow by the msg.topic.

Isn't that called MQTT, but without the broker and without the visibility of the MQTT In nodes?

Hi, I suggest you use MQTT to solve the problem.

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