Send a message among custom nodes

I'd like to create 3 custom nodes: 'in node', 'configuration node' and 'out node'
If 'in node' gets a msg, the msg should appear at the output of one or more 'out node'. Depending on the topic of 'in node' topic. If one or more 'out node' had same topic as 'in node' msg should appear at these outputs of 'out nodes'.
I would save the related 'in nodes' and 'out nodes' to the 'configuration node' when I send a setup message to 'in nodes' / 'out nodes'.
In one word I' d like to create something like MQTT without external server.
Is it possible?

Maybe like this node ?

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And discussion on it

Yes, it's great, I've looked that solution for 4 week.
Many thank, I got to open discussion.

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