FR: Debug directly on node output

When developing flows, I find myself with many debug nodes taking up a lot of space on the tab.

I wonder if the functionality of the Debug node could be delivered as an attribute of every node output.

It might look similar to the breakpoint used by the Node-RED flow debugger, but green of course!


I imagine that you might add/remove the debug feature by double-clicking the node output. And by double-clicking the green area, you would open the properties dialog just like the Debug node has.


Morning @quarfie,
Personally I like this idea a lot. Two remarks:

Is there any reason why you want to apply it only to outputs. Because if you have a N-to-1 node relation (with a large N) then it would be usefull to have it also on inputs imho..

Yes if you would have such a property dialog, you would be able to add - in the future - other features. For example a checkbox "Add routing info to msg". To support something like discussed here? Just to mention why I like your proposal...

Hi @quarfie

Thanks for the suggestion.

Being able to more easily 'inspect' a flow is certainly something we're interested in.

Being able to debug ports directly, with out having to wire in nodes, has come up previously.


This sounds like an enhancement to the debugger plugin to me


And I do like Bart's idea for being able to debug inputs as well as outputs.


Precisely because I'm not a power user I like this idea and Bart's profiler.

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