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I couldn't see any posts for this. I know I can use ctrl v but do miss paste from the RMB menu.

This is a browser / monaco issue.

Read: Monaco editor, missing "Paste" command - #2 by Steve-Mcl

Sorry not sure why I didn't find that post :wink:

It might be resolved in latest version of monaco.

could you try right click copy, right click paste in the monaco playground?

Also, how are you accessing node-red in the browser? http/https? localhost?

No joy there with FF but does work with Chrome :wink:

Yes, FF is a pain. Does it work on your node-red in chrome?

Could you also answer ...

NR is NOT working in Chrome Version 98.0.4758.81 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Its not secure - http/

http://localhost:1880 or http://IP_ADDRESS:1880 or http://some-domain:1880 or ... ?

and if it is IP address is it the browser on the same machine as node-red is running?

Working in

Microsoft Edge
Version 97.0.1072.76 (Official build) (64-bit)

Of course it initially asks for permission and if you didn't give it sometime, you'd need to reset the permissions.

http:/ ie remote machine


Is browser on same machine as node-red?
Is the URL http / https?
using IP or name?
via proxy / across internet or LAN? / direct?

Does the remote machine have a browser you could test using http://localhost:1880?

I'd like to understand if this is related to security etc.

Sorry, should have said.

Works both on same localhost with Node-RED and with Node-RED on another host. localhost is http remote is https. I use for the localhost and (and in case you are wondering - no that URL isn't externally accessible, it was just a spare domain so I used it for Let's Encrypt).

Ok, I think I understand the issue now.


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