[FR]node-red nodes take precedence in palette

Just went to install dashboard using palette but the offical node-red one was at bottom due to alphabetical sort order

Could it be made to do node-red-xxx before node-red-contrib-yyyy ?

if not - can order be reverse alpha instead to get around it?

You can already change the sort from A-Z to Recent - so they are sorted with the most recently updated at the top of the list. That helps reveal the more active nodes - and given a search for dashboard does put node-red-dashboard at the top of the list.

We introduced a simple rating system on flows.nodered.org a while ago - but we haven't yet surfaced that in the catalogue format used by the Palette Manager. That would be another way to let 'good' nodes be prioritised in the list.

We have no plans to unnaturally prioritise our own nodes in the list.

@knolleary Isn't it true that "officially" supported nodes are named node-red-node-xxx instead of node-red-contrib-xxx.? Or have I just been lucky finding what I want?

Well that is the naming convention... but we can't enforce it - so if someone "mis-names" their node then it can confuse, and indeed some contrib nodes could well be better than the main ones (I thinking mongodb in particular) as unsurprisingly some users are more expert in some of these areas than we are... so as usual it's more of a guideline than a rule. And some of the "official" ones are somewhat on the periphery of our attention so may get neglected from time to time as we only have so much time to try to juggle. (Hint - all pull requests gratefully received).

(And flipside I have published contrib nodes myself that I didn't consider mainstream enough like the worldmap etc, but do get regular updates...)