FRED online service seems to be outdated


I use FRED online service for some app prototyping. It works well except that everything is oudated. For example, the official version of Node-red is 1.0.4 while my FRED's version is 0.20.4. Same thing for Dashboeard, same thing for everything...

Is there a way to upgrade my FRED rig ?


Have you tried contactng them?
However I wouldn't give much hope. Looking at the main website, their blog hasn't been updates since 2017,news/

Your right. The whole thing seems to be outdated, even the blog.

I'll try to contact them directly.


I think they have retired the service - not enough paying clients.

Here is their answer :

Thanks for considering FRED as part of your solution.

While it's true we haven't put any effort into marketing FRED for the past two years, we continue to focus our energy towards running FRED as a reliable service.

We were in the process of scheduling a major upgrade to the underlying Node-RED code base when things became somewhat disrupted. That upgrade will be happening shortly.

We've made strong efforts to keep our solution as standard as possible, allowing our users to easily port their flows to other Node-RED platforms if they decide to move.

We're continuing to maintain FRED, while sticking to our principle of avoiding any lock-in.

Hope this helps in your decision,


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