From an Array to an UI Table

Hello everyone!!

I would like to show the values of an array in a UI Table in the dashboard.

The dimensions of the array is X and contains values like this one:

The meaning of the values are date, time, batch and quantity.

I would like to have a table with 4 columns like this one:
Captura de pantalla 2020-04-15 a las 18.49.16

Can you help me on developing the configuration of the Ui table node?


Quick question: where does the data come from. Because having the data serialized like this is a little bit unusual.
Are the cell values are always in that order?

The data come from and email. Always they will have the same order.

Is every new mail/msg a replacement of the data in the table or should the new lines be added to the table?

Just got done doing a project with the ui-table and there is a lot of good examples in node red. Go to import, choose examples and under ui-table there are several examples. I suggest loading them up and studying the code examples. Lots of good information there.

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