From Node.js code to Node-Red flows


I do have a server coded in Node.js with thousands of lines of code and I would like to have it working on Node-Red flows instead.

Is there an automatic way to do the migration?

I suspect I could benefit from GhatGPT by copying and pasting fragments of code to achieve the migration, but not sure if that is a good idea at all.

Suggestions and Inspiration is appreciated.

What kind of server? There are too many combinations/permutations of NodeJS server and code structures to be sure it could be automated.

ChatGPT is fairly good with Node-RED, so may be able to at least get your started with the base API structure in place, etc.

There is also the Node-RED function node, which supports NodeJS code, and will run it's contents, but if you're firing up Express endpoints, etc. for example, then best to use the core http-in/http-out nodes.

I think it would help if you explained a little about why you want to do this?

There are alternatives that might work equally well or better in some circumstances and it is likely that your already coded micro-server app is already more efficient than it would be if converted to Node-RED.

Have you considered instead, creating an interface between your server and Node-RED? The specifics of how best to do that depend a lot on what you are trying to achieve - hence the initial question.

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