Fs-file-lister: pre fill path from msg.payload

I am using the fs-file-lister node to read info from a file. When I hard code the file path, this works great, content of the file is read.
But I want to be able to feed the path information to the node via msg.payload. Seems like a logical thing to do, but somehow I can't get the syntax right.
It must be simple, but I can't get it right.
Can someone help me with an example?

can you provide your flow that isn't working?
are you using node-red-contrib-fs?

msg.payload is an object with any of the following properties that mirror the settings shown in the Editor:

start, pattern, folders, lstype, hidden, path, single, depth, stat

Thank you, that helped!
I am just wondering where I could have found this myself, in stead of asking on this great forum?

It should be in the documentation for the node. As this is my node, if the information is missing, the best approach is to raise an Issue on GitHub.

For node authors not as responsive as me :wink: ultimately the source code is the best place to look.

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