[Announce] node-red-contrib-fs@1.1.0 published

Hi all, after far too long a gap, I've finally got round to doing some maintenance on node-red-contrib-fs.

  • PR from juggledad (amended) adds option to exclude files/folders that start with a dot (e.g. hidden)
  • Fix from Lena Derksen fixes Issue #9 by sending new messages rather than overwriting the incoming message on every send.
  • Readiness for Node-RED v1.0
  • If root folder is empty, return an empty array or a warning payload (based suggestion from jpmalich)
  • Fixed file stat output - created was reporting incorrect date/time except on Windows. statusChanged datetime now added - see Node.js docs for details.
  • Plus other minor updates/fixes.

Proposed future developments for this Node are listed in Issue #3.


You’re welcome :slight_smile: I tried using it for a small flow this week while attempting to utilise NR as quick tool to resize photos for my grandma and noticed the issue; noticed it because of the queue gate where after pushing those messages in every single one outputted was the same as the last one coming out of the fs-lister node.