FTP Image Download Issue

Hello Folks,

Currently working on a project that involves downloading a jpeg file from FTP server. I have set up and connected the server properly. I am now stuck trying to download the jpegs.

When using the GET operation this will only collect the text name of the file and now the file itself it seems? Is there a way to download the jpeg file in its entirety?

and the settings inside the ftp node...


Thank you in advance

Since there are 14 nodes that show up when you enter 'ftp' as the search, It would be useful to know which one you are actually using.
Also what version of NR and node.js (see startup log)

Version 1.2.7 is my node red version,

The node is called node-red-contrib-advanced-ftp : advanced-ftp

Sorry for the lack of clarity

Did you look in your root directory? For instance, on my Mac, if I just specify a file name in local File name, it goes in /Users/Paul. If i specify the path and file name in 'local File name` - /Users/Paul/test/test.jpg - then that is the folder the file will end up in.

ah okay , so instead of trying to get the file from over the ftp server client, access the local file where the ftp connection dumps the files instead?

Well that is what you do when you FTP, you are copying the flie from one location to another.

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