Function Node - Monaco editor's intellisense for other libraries


I am trying to use the 'function' node and i would like to obtain intellisense for more javascript libraries (like lodash or some of our own libraries).
I was looking in the source code and it seems that there is a fixed list of used types. We could extend that list (modifying red.js) - the knownModules
I want to double-check if there would be any other solution (some extensibility point I missed).

Thank you!

This is something I would love to get around to but at this point in time, it is not.

However, that said, (iirc) you can add d.ts files into the public directory (where existing types are stored) and any node modules added to the function node imports will load them automatically. I forget what the name of the file should be but my guess is (for example) if you import lodash then lodash.d.ts should be placed in the types directory.

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