Functionality problem

hello all !
im using two flows, im using a modbus tcp node to get DATA from a PLC in the first one and an SNMP node to get data from a sensor in the second one,each one works if disable the other,when i deploy them together none of them works..
any ideas please?

You gave so little to go on! No flow. no screen shots. no version numbers. no NODE library names.

Anyhow - I'll have a punt...
Are you using global variables? Perhaps you are overwriting them?

If you want further help, try exporting (CTRL+E) your flow and posting it (between ticks ``` ```) for people to have a look & see if they can spot your problem.

What exactly do you mean by disabling? are you disconnecting them or just not deploying nodes that use them?
With both of them enabled, in a terminal run


and copy/paste the result here.