Gauge node >3 colors

Is there a way to have more than three color zones on the gauge node? We are measuring pressure which will have both low and high danger zones. Ideally there would be 5 zones on the same gauge.
Thanks for any help!

This is not possible, but you can set the sector values. seems to be in deep sleep. 20 PR waiting including fix for custom sectors (since Jan 11).

But even then, gauge for pressure - if too low and too high values both are bad (so to say), the justgauge is not best option. The right side of needle is always rendered gray so there will be no visual indication how far is high side critical value. And there is no configuration option to change this.

My suggestion is to use some external library for this situation.

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I found this one that seems like it would work. Could you point me to a resource on how to integrate it? This type of coding is still new to me.

You will need to use the template node and code your own widget.