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i've just finished a bigger project using 4 PTZ Cameras. Project works. Just 2 questions about handling.

  1. my project had 4 cameras including, but only 1 was available. The other 3 PTZ nodes steadily send error-messages which made atherwise reading messages difficult. Is there a way to suppress messages from these nodes?

  2. After finishing the work i deleted the nodes, deleted flows and ui-entries. But after addind new nodes for a different project and deploying them nodered found some more unused entries. And the PTZ nodes, also deleted, still produces error messages. Is there a possibility to make 'Tabula rasa', a clean enviroment ? Or can this be added to a next release?

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If they are errors (not warnings) and the node was written correctly, you can suppress these using a catch node pointed at them.

several ways...

  • Use projects mode (a setting in settings.js)
  • Delete flows.json
  • Startup node-red with -u parameters (e.g. node-red -u /my/new/project/)

You could also just delete your userDir folder completely, restarting node-red will recreate a blank environment for you.

Thank you for your replies, i will try that tomorrow.
@Steve: When reading your reply i'm not shure wether it was an error or a warning - simply the camera was not present.


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Well, it's an error, but catch does not help.

In which case, you should contact the author and ask that they catch errors and relay them to node-red using the mechanism node.error(error, msg) or introduce an option to either send errors out of a 2nd output or to suppress them.

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