Generate a Dashboard Screenshot / Report


Hello - This is a "How would you do it?" request...

I currently have an application split into three tabs. The first allows the user to input specific information about their sensor configurations. The second provides real-time monitoring and display of sensor information and the third provides a report summary of the analyzed data over a certain time period. Typically a few days. This is more than re-displaying collected data, the raw data is run through a series of algorithms to display results.

I'm satisfied with the functionality of the overall system; however, I would like a way for the report shown on the last page to be exportable in some way. So far the best way I've come up with is to print the browser page to a pdf using the standard print dialog.

Is there a better way to export all of the information currently displayed on a dashboard page to a pdf file for download? I tried an html-pdf node displaying data from an html template node but received the following error.

html-pdf: Failed to load PhantomJS module. You have to set the path to the PhantomJS binary using 'options.phantomPath'




If image does the trick then may be you can try of screenshot nodes



It's a good thought. I did try these nodes but didn't have much success. It looked like both of these hooked to web services?

I should add that when deployed this program will be on a raspberry pi acting as a wifi hotspot without an internet connection. The solution will have to be capable of running on a local instance.