Generating an HTML webpage at the click of a button

Is there a way to generate a new webpage from the HTML sent in a message when a button is clicked on the dashboard and displayed in the browser?

Button click -> new page/tab in browser with custom HTML code.

I know I can generate a PDF from HTML, but it needs to be saved to disk and then opened.

Thanks for any help.

Sort of. The dashboard button could trigger a node-red flow that generates content via a template node which sends to a ui_template node which updates dashboard.

Not exactly what i wanted but i can use this.
One more question - is there way to stop timeline on line chart when data is not received ?

Well, you haven't shared what chart you are using or anything about how you are updating it. I don't use Dashboard much these days but my recollection with the chart node was that it doesn't update unless you send it data.

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