GET request is not working

Input object:
msg.payload : {"object":"page","entry":[{"id":"463445907732883","time":1557422097573,"messaging":[{"recipient":{"id":"463445907732883"},"timestamp":1557422097573,"sender":{"id":"2091862310930299"},"postback":{"payload":"pcmcat142400050019","title":"BISSELL Carpet Clean..."}}]}]}

Get request is not working in http request node.{{{msg.payload.entry[0].messaging[0].postback.payload}}})?apiKey=***&format=json

Property - ({{{msg.payload.entry[0].messaging[0].postback.payload}}}) is not working

Could you help me please?

mustache syntax uses the dot notation even for index into array - and our basic templating assumes the msg so I suspect


may have a better chance of working but I don't have an API key to test

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Thank you. It's working )))