Get two same payloads at the same time instead than one

Hi there.

When I use an inject node I receive only one payload, instead when I use any kind of node that send a status like Openhab I receive 2 payloads exactly the same each other at the same time.

How can I avoid this problem and getting only one payload a time?

Here what I get if I send the payload "1" from an inject node:
Screenshot 2022-12-23 alle 19.14.18

Here what I get if I send the payload from the openhanded button which it sends "1":
Screenshot 2022-12-23 alle 19.15.13

Here setting of the openhab out node (I tried all the combinations possible but didn't get a solution):

Thanks a lot for your helping,

Hello @TiaPreve !
Could you please post your flow here - or at least the portion that's creating the trouble?

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