Get txt file in a URL directory and send to mysql DB

Hello, I write from Argentina and I clarify that my English is quite bad, sorry for that.
Let's go to the important thing! ... in this web directory every 20 minutes a new text file (.txt) is appearing with information that interests me to be able to store it in a db mysql and then work it.

Could you help me and tell me how I can do so that from node-red can extract every 20 minutes the information of the last file hosted?

To be able to take the information from the txt file and send it to a mysql database I made the following flow:

[{"id":"d7326c9.647d79","type":"http request","z":"a33f0c24.bb1ef","name":"","method":"GET","ret":"obj","paytoqs":false,"url":"","tls":"","persist":false,"proxy":"","authType":"basic","x":300,"y":246,"wires":[["9cea0664.0c58b8"]]}]

But what I need is that this is automated to permanently take the information from the last file hosted in the url and that it be hosted in the database I made.

I hope you could understand me well.
Thank you

Welcome to Node-RED.

You can guess the name of the file to download. So one way would be to

inject node - set to every 20 minutes

nodes to create filename - personally i would write this in a function node in javascript you can search for how to get dates in javascript and how to join strings in javascript

http request node - to get the file

change node to add the data for your db query

database node - depends on which database

Have a play, when you get stuck ask for help...