Geting eTtable data without clicking or editing

Dear everyone,

Does anyone know how to force the values of eTable (node-red-contrib-ui-etable) data to be forwarded to a next connected node after eTable?

Because I would like to acquire eTable data without clicking or editting a cell on the eTable.
The table data can be filled out through msg.payload by clicking 'Reset', 'Download from the equipment' or 'Restore from a backup file' buttons on my Dashboard so that eTable can be modified without clicking or editting the eTable.

But, currently I need to click one of cells on eTable to get the eTable data.

Thank you very much for your information.

Why not just take the data from before the table node ? It must get sent whenever the button is pressed

Dear sir,

Oh! yes, if the output data from eTable is not defined e.g., flow.get('...') == null, I get the data from before the table node.

Thank you very much for your quick advice.
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