Getting Data from a String

I need some help! I am not a developer but I have used node red for a solar monitor and it is working great. I have purchased a WiFi temperature monitor that has an API, which it is giving me in a string format (See Below). I want to take the Field8 Value which is 40 and put it in a gauge and I dont have any idea where to start!

Any help would be hugely appreciated.


See this recent thread... Access a value on message
(including the bits at the end)

If the data type being returned is a JSON string (as it appears in your post), you should pass it to the json node, set to output a JS Object. Then I would wire this to a change node, and use the JSONata expression payload.field8.value to extract just that number 40.

The change node's JSONata expression editor even has a built-in "tester" panel, so you can take your actual data, paste it into the lower-left window as the payload value, and see the results of your expression in the lower-right window as you type the expression:

Note that the correct option for entering JSONata expressions is the J: pulldown, not {}

Perfect that worked a treat thank you.