Getting machine output lines printed in page on ip:port into Nodred

Hi Guys,

For my consulting job I was at an interesting company yesterday where they are trying to reverse engineer the 'communication channel' of a wire EDM machine.

They were pretty limited in their abilities programming wise, so suggested to look into Node-Red as it looked like it would fit their use case perfectly.

Now I am thinking about it and want to help them a little to get up and running.

He showed me what he has so far.. that was an IP:Port in the browser where there were like around 10 lines printed per second (TIMESTAMP) (TYPE) (DETAILS OF THIS TYPE OPERATION like x-y location)

I thought about it and not really sure how to pipe this machine output into node red, as a message per printed line. A http get would make me have to set a grab of the page and this will result me in having the complete page every time I guess.. what node/approach would I use to get tis into Node-Red, is there something like a http streaming input?

Also want to say I love this project and community, really feels like the old days of the internet where people are friendly and helpfull :slight_smile:

First thing is to look at the page and work out how the updates are coming through. That will define how to wire things up.

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Yes I agree, but they are 2 hours out so can't open dev tools now haha! Was hoping there was some experience or that this was an standard protocol or something. Since it didn't look like a webpage, but just printing lines per timestamp/command output

Will definitely have a closer look if I am on site again.

Yes, there are at least 3 "standard" options I can think of.

  1. It is a simple web page with an auto-reload
  2. It is a web page with JavaScript that grabs the updated data in the background
  3. It is a web page with JavaScript that uses websockets
  4. It is an http2 service that uses push.

My guess would be that option 2 would be most likely. But that means that you still need the pages html and javascript so that you can work out what Node-RED needs to connect to. There may, of course, also be some security such as a token or cookie.

Thank you!

Feel dumb I didn't check closer but was there to get other stuff done.

Definitely looked like it would pipe easy into node red the way it printed per line with timestamping.