Getting page / file from server using Windows credentials

Hello, I need to get and process file with XML content which is on server within the internal network. There is used Windows Authentication. I didn't find useful flow in library. Tried to find way on internet too, but without success.

Could you please advise?


What platform are you running Node-red on - presumably a linux derivative ?

If so the easiest way is to share out the directory/file on the Windows machine and then using SAMBA on the Linux box access that directory


Hello Graig, Node-red is running on virtual pc with Windows 10. This XML file is exported by thermometer and saved in this location, Then offered by IIS server using http.

At this time we use it by another aplication (not Node-red, but aplication done using C#) and there is no problem. So I suppose there is no problem with access and with user rights ... I can see / can access this file using browser OK from pc with Node-red too.

I think I only need to access this file after authenticate with Windows credentials ... but I didn't find way how to do it in Node-red.

It is not possible to change the current working solution.

Thanks for your advice.


So are you saying the file is on the same PC as Node-red ? Or on another PC and your only access method is through a web server with HTML ?

If you are on a Windows PC/VM and the file is on another WIndows PC on the network i do not understand what the problem is with making the file available ?

You could run a simple Powrshell/Batch script on the PC that hosts the XML file and copy it across to the node-red machine on a regular basis i.e. share a directory out from the node-red machine for the machine with the file on it to copy to

Maybe a diagram with some IP addresses so we can understand a bit better ?


Hello Graig,
thank you for your help.

I solved this problem by getting data right from database.

This was only test for me if I can get data from server with check rights using windows credentials.
Now we dont need this type of access data and we will not use it in the future either.

Thank you and have a nice day.