Getting temperature readings from DS18B20 into an Alexa virtual device

Hi, There must be a simple answer to this can any one help please? I have a DSI8B20 temperature sensor which is measuring water temperature.I want to ask Alexa to tell me the current temp.I have set up the Alexa virtual device in node red and running the pizza oven example(node-red-contrib-virtual-samart-home) it works fine.The pizza virtual device node needs the object - temperature:(temperature as a number) The DS18B20 only gives the temperature as a number. What node would I need to use to make this object and what would be the settings. I have tried many combinations with the change node with no success.

Debug of pizza example
13/08/2022, 15:37:31node: debug 3temp : msg.payload : Object


temperature: 34

Debug of DS18B20

13/08/2022, 15:32:49node: debug 4msg.payload : number


Try this:
Screen Shot 2022-08-13 at 11.02.46 AM

Thank so much for that,I guess it was the only combination I did not try. Works perfect !!!!


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