.git/Object file is corrupt

I started NR in the virtual box after some time. and After creating flow when I try to deploy I got this error. What can be done?

Error: error: object file .git/objects/4d/b2a0367fbacc3376b2a2d94b6f65fc5bccf95d is empty
error: object file .git/objects/4d/b2a0367fbacc3376b2a2d94b6f65fc5bccf95d is empty
error: object file .git/objects/4d/b2a0367fbacc3376b2a2d94b6f65fc5bccf95d is empty
fatal: loose object 4db2a0367fbacc3376b2a2d94b6f65fc5bccf95d (stored in .git/objects/4d/b2a0367fbacc3376b2a2d94b6f65fc5bccf95d) is corrupt

Which .git folder is it taking about?
At what stage does this happen? Show us what comes before and possibly after that message.

I don't know which git folder is. I have enabled to project feature.

when I press the deploy button I got this error. Node-red starts without any error. my last time flow is there as it is.

I don't use the projects feature but I guess that it is the .git folder for the project that is corrupt.

Possible. but I don't think I've done any change from outside for project folder.

Go into the folder where the repository is (is that the project folder, I don't use projects) and run
git fsck
that will check the integrity of the folder contents.
You may get some 'dangling blob' messages but they can be ignored.

fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git

got this in project directory

Which directory exactly did you run that in?


That is not a git repo. You need to go one level further down into the directory of your actual project.

after doing git fsck

Check how much disk space is left in the VM (the df -h command is probably what you need)

this is what I get

is there anything else I can do? @hardillb @knolleary @Colin.
I'm supposed to delete Ubuntu and reinstall it. but let me ask you first :sweat_smile:

Of course you don't need to re-install ubuntu. The problem is only related to the specific project (unless you have a hardware problem that has corrupted the repository).
Have you got the repository linked to a master on github (or other)? If so then you can re-clone it from there, after making a backup of your flows file.
Otherwise you can re-construct the project from the flow files and others in the project folder. I will have to leave it to others to say exactly how to do that as I don't know exactly how projects work.

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