NR UI no longer comes up, red.js file corrupted?

Hi. I have been using node red for a little while now, have a bunch of flows and custom developed nodes, etc. This morning all of a sudden the UI on a particular machine stopped loading. If I open the developer console I get the following error on the network tab:

Exception { name: "NS_ERROR_FILE_CORRUPTED", message: "", result: 2152857611, filename: "", lineNumber: 16, columnNumber: 0, data: null, stack: "init@\ninit@\n@\ne@\nl/</t<@\n" }

I have DEBUG log level set, no errors, the server starts fine it seems, its just the UI. Has anyone seen this situation occur?


Apologies for this question, apparently the default flow mapping is missing so without /flows/# it breaks, but if I add a specific flow, etc it is fine??

Additionally if it helps anyone else out, the culprit was corrupted local storage in Firefox that was breaking when the initial redirect was trying to fire. Hope it helps.

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