Global Entity or device

Hello, I use node-red with home assistant and do some automatisations

I check for current state of some Entity (get from home assistant) and do something with that.

But When I for example change bulb from philips to ikea, Entity change, and I must change it in all flows. This is lot to do sometimes.

I wonder, there is any way to set for example Entity bulb1 in some global node, and refer to this with other nodes in flows, so when I like to change bulb1 to bulb2 i only change this global node?

This is mostly a HA question. Does not HA allow you to specify 'friendly names' for devices so that if you change the device you just have to move the friendly name across to the new device?

Using node-red natively with MQTT I use friendly MQTT topics so that it is only at the sensor read stage that I have to know how to directly address it. If I change a device then it is only the Input flows that have to change. All else stays the same.

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