Global shutdown for a set of Raspberry Pi(es)

Here's a very short tutorial about building some Node-RED flows to handle shutting-down a set of Raspberry Pi(es) on a network.

This is what we use at the IoT Club.


Note: Links to the various Node-RED flows can be found within the tutorial.


To think that someone would even consider turning off one Pi, let alone several, is heresy!

Hi Bob,
I completely agree with you (as I've had some RPi(es) running non-stop at home for over a year).

The problem is... the IoT Club only runs for 45-mins, after school, before it needs to be packed away until the next week. So I suppose you could call it a "Pop-Up Club".

Can you not task them on bitcoin manufacture out of hours?

Wooo - that's a brilliant idea and the school would be paying for the electricity as well. :+1:

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