Google Oauth2 Config

I am currently trying to configure the discovery api using the node.

Everything is working just fine, until I try to use the Dynamic (msg.operation) functionality. I am trying to work out how to configure it correctly to pass the methods to the node:

List, which is this:

And getRest, which ends up like this:

From the documentation, it is unclear whether I need to pass the operation parameter into or msg.operation. But I think it is msg.operation. An even if it is msg.operation, I can't seem to get it to work...

I thought perhaps it should simply be passing a string, so tried this in a function with no luck...

msg.operation ="apis";
return msg;

Also tried many other variants...

The main error that is being returned is:

TypeError: operation is not a function which presumably means that the node is not correctly receiving the methods in the way in which it expects.

Any clues would be gratefully received.

sounds like it's time to open an issue on the nodes GitHub page...

Already done...

Are you sure?

Yup. Very sure. It is on the pre-forked repo.

The author of the forked repo I linked to only opened the ability to add issues this morning. I shall add an issue there as well now and link the two together as dupes of the same problem.

Any luck with this?


Ah! Sorry for slow response. Yes and no.

I did manage to fix it with some help. But the code had a bug so we had to fork it and fix it. Will need to find the code and see if we can't get it released.

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