Google Sheets odd append behavior

I'm appending time in Col A and temp in Col B to Sheet1. Pretty simple and all works perfectly. Here's what appears to me to be odd behavior.

Since Sheet1 simply collects data I use Sheet2 to process it.

So in Sheet2 A1 I use =Sheet1!A1 then =Sheet1!A2, =Sheet1!A3, etc down the column. New values are appended perfectly in Sheet1 but when they are, they force the next open row on Sheet2 to change the formula so instead I get =Sheet1!A1 then =Sheet1!A2, =Sheet1!A4. It eliminates =Sheet1!A3 and replaces it with =Sheet1!A4 and therefore nothing is updated in Sheet2.

So I must have something set up incorrectly with either the Google Sheets Node or the spreadsheet but I'm at a loss to understand what it is. I've never seen this behavior before using append.

Thoughts appreciated.

I'm using node-red-contrib-google-sheets v1.1.2, method = append row and cells = Sheet1!A1:B1

I am not familiar with the Google Sheets Node, but if you can't resolve your issue I suggest you use a Google Form to register your data to a Google Sheet via an HTTP Request Node. It is the standard way that I send data to Google Sheets from Node Red. For more information you can see my project notes.

Thanks for the tip. I'll check it out.

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