Insert data into Gsheet in same row with new timestamp

I need help to Insert data into Google sheet from Nodered. I followed this YouTube video Insert Data to Google Sheet Autoatic with Node Red [บันทึกข้อมูลลง Google Sheet ด้วย Node Red] - YouTube . It works , rather than creating a new row each time, I want to keep update only one row every time with new timestamp and new values. Please advise, thanks in advance for helping me out.

Have a look at the Google Sheets node node-red-contrib-google-sheets (node) - Node-RED

That will allow you to update specific cells in the sheet.

Hi Sammachin.. Thanks for your response. I could read a value but could not write a random value with Time stamp. I am just new learner. Could you please create a sample Flow to write/read a random value with time stamp. I want to keep updating same row/cell every time with new random number and new datetime. Thanks

There are example flows included with the nodes

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