Grafana Dashboard with two panels and different time-ranges

I have created a grafana dahboard
added 2 panels with influxdb queries.
the panels should have different time ranges.
I have changed the query options to 1d (one day)
at the other panel I have changed the query options to 1y (one year)
at design time the graphs look well.
at "runtime" both panels show time range 1y, if I change the time range to 1 day, the panel1 shows correct data.

Does anybody know, how to show different timeranges in one dashboard?
Thx Carsten

I'm not quite sure what part of this question relates to node red ?

However you can set a relative time range in the query options. So set each query as required.

Make sure that when you save the dashboard that you select the tickbox to tell it to save the time range.

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thx, I will try it in the evening ;o)

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