Grafana values are not reported correctly to the dashboard

I have the following question:
In Grafana itself, my data is correct - see here:

However, my dashboard looks like this:

The refresh interval in Grafana is set to 1 minute. So all the records are correct in Grafana. Only in the dashboard it doesn’t update and I don’t understand why.
Is integrated via the embedded link:

    width="100%" height="100%" frameborder="0"></iframe>

Can someone tell me what it could be?

It would be great if someone could help me here.

Sorry that I use Google translate, but unfortunately my English isn't that good anymore.

When you use embedded link you don't have the tool bar to select time range etc, so you should provide this in the link.

You need to make your link more "dynamic" and supply from and to dates etc rather than fixed
values. Also add &refresh=1m

I use a function to build a "dynamic link" then pass it to the iframe eg

msg.payload = "" +
    "&refresh=1m" +
    "&theme=dark" +
    "&from=" + fromdate +
    "&to=" + enddate +
    "&panelId=" + panelId

Or using JavaScript Template Literals

msg.payload = `
               &from= ${fromdate}
               &to= ${enddate}
               &panelId= ${panelId}`

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