How add iframe grafana dashboard

Hi guys, I want (if possible) view a grafana trend in my node-red dashboard. I have copy a iframe html text from my Grafana dashboard and copy in my node-red and receive a connection negate error.
I have enable anonymous user in Grafana.

Any Idea?


I'm assuming you are using the dashboard template node? What code are you using? Does your grafana instance require authentication?


  1. T try, but i don't sure for the syntax. I have add the link in dashboard.
  2. I have copy from grafana, the share/embed code.
  3. I have enabled a anonymous user and from browser is ok.

Are Grafana and Node-RED running on the same device or different devices?

Also, check your browser's console for errors.

Yes, grafana and node-red running on the sane device.

Ok, i try After to check at the console

@TotallyInformation I have viewed in the consol log

Refused to display '' in a frame because it set 'X-Frame-Options' to 'deny'.

Ah ha. Thought so. Does that mean that Grafana is running on a different device?

Sorry, my raspberry has I have viewed from my pc browser

Not sure if you can wrangle headers when working with Dashboard?

I do not know

You need to change the grafana configuration to enable embedding.


Oh....thank's a lot, I try this.