Grafana question about line for all input in DB

i do send daily aproximatly 10 time information to a influxDB.
With Grafana i just would like the hourly input as bar and cumulative line of each input into the database.
i just can't find out how to use it - best would be to count how many time a timestamp have been crated.
thanks for a feedback
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It isn't clear exactly what you want. Could you show us an example of what is in the db and what you want to see.
Note that this isn't related to node-red at all, it should really be addressed to the Grafana forum, but unfortunately their forum is often useless.

you are right the grafan forum is useless.

just imagine
time | temp | humidity
1622121314650076482 | 25 | 45
1622121194555993546 | 20 | 35
1622121075258313152 | 30 | 35
1622115555326630910 | 22 | 35
1622082315267830865 | 20 | 35
1622076794912493915 | 27 | 55

the numbers are not important

i would like to have x line the time any 1 would be to count how many data you have so would be 6 and it would be a curve going up without stop

Something like this I think
SELECT CUMULATIVE_SUM(COUNT("temp")) FROM "the_measurement" WHERE $timeFilter GROUP BY time($__interval)

The COUNT select counts the number of non-null values of the field temp over each pixel interval and the CUMULATIVE_SUM accumulates them across the chart.
That is assuming you are using influx 1.8.

It works. Merci @Colin - yes my influx 1.8.6
How is a horizontal line called ?

But i found out something "strange"
if the datas are lets say daily 3 datas and over 5 day and if the view is over 7days i got a sum of 15 which is correct. if i change the zoom level to 3 day i will get a sum of 9 datalines

Do you mean the chart goes from 0 to 9? If so you can zoom in on each of the steps and see when they were. Enable staircase node in the chart to make it easier to see when they were.

yes if I zoom in 3 days it show 0-9 not important how much data are befor.

Sorry I don't understand what you mean. Do you mean that you want to show the total including what comes before the bit on the chart?

If so then can you explain why you want that?

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