Graphic display of ping results

i want to monitor a small Network with ~ 18 fixed devices. For that reason i ping them
every 15 minutes. To visualize the result i tried a state-trail node.
Unfortunately, the state trail clears after the configured time and starts vom scratch.
What i need is something that shows the last 48 hours.
For that reason i tried the 'Event Timeline Dashboard Graph'
It says, 'You can customize the maximum chart duration', but it does not say, how.
It also says 'There is a hard coded dom id in the ui_template. If you wan to have more than one timeline chart, you need to manually change this value to something unique for each chart that you want to display.'
OMG, what is this? It would be nice, if i could group the devices.

Or has someone another idea how to display the pingresults in a graphic of the last 48 hours?

Any advice is highly apreciatet!

Possibly not what you want to hear but I do this using Grafana rather than NR Dashboard. In fact, I use Telegraf to do the pings. It writes the output to InfluxDB (no code required, just a configuration). It is then easy to use Grafana to produce the charts.

Hi TotallyInformation,
thank you for the reply. Indeed, an impressing solution!
You are right, the Dashboard solutions are not the best choice her. Hat the Event Timeline ... node running for some days now, it has errors and is not maintained since more than 2 years. Maybe the developer has given up.
Looks like my focuspoint has to move in the next weeks to grafena and InfluxDB. It's a way that seems promising.

All the best,

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Telegraf is really quite easy to set up and I have it monitoring my server as well as my router & wifi (via SNMP), DNS, remote web servers as well as internet performance. Even the weather!

I have it set to output both to InfluxDB as well as MQTT.

Having output to MQTT also makes it easy to use the data in Node-RED:


Just make sure to set up a retention policy on the telegraf db since it can be a lot of data. I just keep mine for 7d as that's all I need. You can also auto-summarise to another db using a continuous query if you want to keep some data for extended periods. Perhaps by reducing the data to hourly avg/max/min as I do for my sensor data.

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