Grateful to be here...Appreciation Post

I have been with Node-red forum since almost 1 and a half year now, and have been continuously interacting with this great community and without fail ALWAYS got help. sometimes , early on, I did get irked when the answer was not given straight away but i realized soon that was for my own good and made me learn, so was taught fishing and not handed over a fish.
had recently got into an issue with ui-chart node in dashboard and was exploring other options, and ended up with Grafana+i-Frame option.
Now.. the reason i am writing this , i joined the Grafana community and searched for my first few issues, and learned that many people have the same issue and they are un-answered since as long as 2018!. many posts that i visited are very old, un resolved, (many not even having single reply to them), the difference in interaction compared to NR-Forum is so HUGE. hence i thought there is an appreciation post due to this forum from my side.
A huge thank you to all the members who have supported me with their knowledge and most importantly their valuable time for answering my questions and guiding in the right path. i am proud to even getting one of my suggestion implemented in the core development/design !. again thank you all, Thank you Grafana community for making me realise how grateful i am to be in Node-Red community.


You are right about the Grafana forum, it is almost useless.


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