Greenhouse irrigation


I was worried about mine because I was having so much trouble getting it to connect to my MQTT broker. It has the diagonal cut corner and purchased from Aliexpress for $2.49 free shipping. I did get it working, though, the connection between my DHT22 shield and the board is a little iffy. I've had to reseat it twice in two days.

BTW: Paul- do you have a shield for your moisture sensors or solder directly to the board?


I've attached the Wemos to a strip of veroboard via the headers, and soldered the moisture connections onto the veroboard.



How do you protect it all from the weather? We don't get much rain during the Spring-Fall but it would seem prudent...


I use a moulded PVC joint box, similar to this - which gives IP65 protection.
I feed the cables into the box by using compression glands.



I've just made a few changes to the ESP sketch, and changed the MQTT library from the original pubsubclient library, to a fork of the the same library by Ian Tester (Imroy).

Imroy/pubsubclient library has been further developed to add a set of MQTT classes which allow a number of additional features to be available.

In particular, the full range of QoS, allowing me to now use QoS1 or even QoS2, to send and receive messages. I've settled with QoS1 which is probably adequate for this project, and looking at the mosquitto logs, appears to work well.

Integrating Imroy/pubsubclient into an existing project requires a few code changes, but nothing major.