Help Needed - Agricultural Application of Node Red. Willing to pay $$ for tutoring

Hi all,
I am a young farm manager located in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. I'm struggling to get node red up and running. I am looking to implement the use of node read, IOT and various devices to assist in farm management i.e. Soil moisture probes, water tank measuring systems, gate monitors, etc. I understand I have an extremely steep learning curve ahead of me. I was hoping to engage with someone in this community on a regular basis to tutor me through the process so i can develop my skills. I am willing to pay an hourly rate, any help is appreciated. Please email me directly at if you're intereted.

Actually the learning curve with Node-red is quite gentle, though it might get more difficult when you start with remote sensors.

How far apart are your water tanks, gates and fields? Is there electricity?

I sure you will get many offers, but

Start off with baby steps.

Asks good questions with well presented information and data examples, and people here will freely offer you answers and suggestions. Note to new Forum members - #4

Learn the basics read the doc and watch the videos, they will take you a long way. essentials videos

Learn JSON syntax and Javascript syntax this will help you a lot, the more advanced stuff will be easier later on.

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Hi Lachlan,

I am intrested to train you in node-red.

Let me give some background about myself.

I started my node-red projects when i joined IBM in 2010.I have more than 25 years of product development experience which spans in companies like IBM, Sun Microsystems, HPE etc.
I was part of IOT team in IBM and HPE.
Have done many projects using Node-red in IOT area.Some of the deployment are on AWS and some are at edge.I a trainer by passion.

I am settled in India but can manage overlap between our time zones.

Please get back to me at your convenience.

Thanks and Regards,

Electric fences are run throughout the property so electricity is easily accessible to some extend. Water tanks gates and fields all vary in distance. The property is about 3500 ha. We have an optus tower on a neighbouring property so wifi/service is also easily accessible.

I'm kinda local to you.

If you want to talk about things it may be better.

Just offering.

I'm pretty good with Node-red and have made myself an electronic watering system.

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