Tutoring on Node-RED development for disadvantage students

I am new here but thought this is perhaps one of the better places to get help.

I am looking for some help from a one or two persons willing to teach (perhaps 2-3 hours per week) some students on using Node-Red. I am developing a program to help disadvantaged and or challenged students in Jamaica for them to develop some programing skills around Node -Red as a precursor to teaching them about IoT and developing digital twins of processes that have some form of sensors or methods of collecting data through instrumentation.

The idea is to provide these students with skill sets to program with Node-Red and the concept of IoT. If anybody is interested in helping out, please ping me on a one-on-one conversation. Thanks!


Hi Michael,
Welcome to the Node-RED forum.
Although I have sent you a PM, I am sure you will receive offers from other people as well as me.
What you are hoping to do, sounds like a very exciting and rewarding journey - all the very best to you.


Hi Dave,

I am part of a part of https://set.foundation/ this foundation. I am panning to start a class on Node-red in very early January 2024 for a cohort of 10-12 students. The main object is to teach them how to code using Node-Red as the platform. The connection to this is that will have them develop IoT projects based on digital twins of industry processes or services that have some sort of sensors or instrumentation that will provide data. These students will not need knowledge on instrumentation. Rather they will be tasked to identify processes that has instrumentation (sensors) and then use Node-Red to develop a digital twin of the process. This is a phase 1 of the project. They will then be able use the skillset developed around Node-Red as foundation for other related coding projects that they can attached to within Jamaica. This is about helping to develop skills sets necessary to build towards basic AI knowledge and understanding, not necessarily tied to ChatGPT or other such LLMs.

I am looking for 2-3 people who are experts at Node-JS and likes the cause for a nominal payment of their time to teach students.