Node-red lacks AI flow for AIOT applications

We are a team of developers working on the AI process automation located in Tunghai University, Taiwan. After applying the many nice features Node-red UI provided for IOT applications, we discovered that Node-red community lacks a custom UI tailered toward general AI process automation. As AIOT applications have emerged for both academic and industrial area, it should be a valuable asset for the Node-red community to add new features to allow users first to craft the many AI training/testing/deploying function nodes, and second to connet with the many existing IOT nodes to form a real world AIOT applications. We have developed a project that allow users to first custom their AI needs in a Node-red frontend environment, then he/she can smoothly connect the trained AI models with the Node-red IOT deployment nodes. Please let us know how to debut such features to your community and continuously cultivate it.

@482170765 This is the place to share such information. you could post images links and flows etc in this topic.

@smcgann99 Great to hear this. A preliminary image is with the following: GitHub - NightLightTw/kube-nodered: Integrating Kubeflow with Node-RED.

It contains three separate AI flows which are random forest, decision tree and logistic regression. Further integration of their models with an IOT implementation is also on the way. A complete AIOT application can thus be constructed easily.


@smcgann99 May I ask have you had a chane to review my Node-red image I posted two weeks ago? Please give us your opinions regarding if it will of interest to general publics in Node-red community. Also we need further instructions on how to do the PRs in the Node-red sites.

I cannot really answer that question, except to say that this topic has been posted for 2 weeks now and has had 120 views, but no comments.

Although it may not help that your link doesn't work :scream:

@smcgann99 May I ask which part of my link doesn't work? The readme file should have explained detailed procedures to build the Node-red image.

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@smcgann99 Since we had posted the link to our PR, can you help us in giving comments?

I don't want to be discouraging, but I'm afraid I couldn't provide any meaningful feedback as this is not something I have any expertise in.

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