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We have implemented a project named "Kube-node-red ". It aims to integrate Kubeflow/Kubebeters with node-red, leveraging node-red's low-code modules, and using Kubeflow resources (e.g. Kubeflow pipeline, Kserve) to enhance its AI/ML ability. Please refer the following site for details about its purpose and techniques. As it is based on the complete Node-red codes and coping with the Kubeflow, we would like to seek proper suggestions about if it is of interest for Node-red community, and where we should do the PR in the Node-red repository.
Kube-node-red code site: GitHub - NightLightTw/kubeflow-Node-RED: Integrating Kubeflow with Node-RED.

This project takes three AI training flows as examples to illustrate the Node-red's capabilities in orchestrating kubeflow's pipeline op.s for AI training. They are Random-forest, Decision tree, and Logistic regression. The data set is breast cancer data.