Node-RED tekton pipeline on OpenShift Container Platform (Kubernetes)

Hello all.

I recently worked on a project that required the use of node-RED to handle HTTP routes and MQTT nodes, talking to a React frond-end and an Arduino board. We hosted the application on OpenShift Container Platform (Kubernetes with extra bells and whistles) and deployed updates through a CI/CD pipeline made with Tekton.

To keep things simple we wanted to deploy our node-RED instance to the cluster using our CI/CD pipeline, as there were about 4 of us working off the same code base. When browsing online I could only find one article describing node-RED working with pipelines.

Now the question you might be asking is: is it overkill hosting your node-RED instance on kubernetes? Would we ever need our instance to be scaled out horizontally to multiple pods etc? I'm not sure...

I would be interested to hear how/where other people have hosted their node-RED instances... And if you think this is helpful to the community in any way. See below for the repo outlining the steps we took when deploying node-RED to an OpenShift cluster (or Kubernetes).

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