Create Node-Red instances on Kubernetes

I am trying to create a local kubernetes cluster. I have to add node red into the kubernetes cluster and I am lost on how to deploy it. I want to add node red to kubernetes and see how much load it is using.

FlowForge installs in local filesystem, docker and k8s. It is also open source & has installation instructions. You could try that

What is your doubt Ahmed ? Do you have any experience with K8 and docker ?

I will have a look into that :smiley:

Very little. A complete novice here, just know the basics at the moment. I have managed to create two instances of node red on docker containers. I now need to add them to my kubernetes cluster.

That's a bit complicated to be explained here. But check this video (40 min), follow the steps to understand how it works and then do the same with Node-Red image.

I have actually created node red containers locally using docker. I was wondering if I can import them as pods on kubernetes

Yes you can. But as I said, it's not too easy, and I don't know exactly if gonna solve any problem. Pods are ephemeral in nature, so you'll have to config a persistent volume to store data and configure your image to use that. Otherwise, you gonna lose all your work every time the pod is destroyed. Don't know if it is worth, may be just the container is enough or as Steve said go to FlowForge.

What is in our opinion the best source for an manual to keep in touch with the concepts to configure the credentials for mqtt-in or postgress-Node in the pod-configuration? I will also build NodeRed in K8s…..

Take a look here.

Thx, thats help me.

Thank you. I have created a persistent volume storage while creating the Node Red container on docker. I just wanted to know if I can add that docker container onto kubernetes or do I have to create a yaml file from scratch.

I tried to create a nodered yaml file and tried to deploy on kubernetes but I am getting this error.

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