Installation of node red on k3s

Hello sir, I am trying to create a server using a Raspberry Pi Cluster to use node red. Can you help me how to install node red on K3S Kubernetes by creating a YAML file? I need to install using yaml because I want load balancing. I am unable to find the script in the documentation.

You are going to need to supply a lot more information about what exactly you are trying to do, as it is the question is too vague to answer well.

Also share what you've tried already with a description of what didn't work and we might be able to help you fix it.

I’m making a Raspberry Pi Cluster to run Node Red as a service. I’m following this video

I’ve used K3S Kubernetes to make the cluster work properly. I want to install node red on this k3s container and the most common way is to use ‘kubectl apply -f noderedinstaller.yaml’

I want the script to yaml file to install node red using this command. I found a few resources but they don’t work.

That page includes a link to the yaml files he used

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