Grid layout out of order - forcing new row? (any news?)

I am running into the same problem as another post already described here

I have a dashboard set up like (order verified by exporting nodes):

  • ui_text, 3x1, order: 1
  • ui_text, 3x1, order: 2
  • ui_text, 3x1, order: 3
  • switch, 6x1, order: 4
  • ui_text, 3x1, order: 5
  • ui_text, 3x1, order: 6

I expect to see:

| 1 | 2 |
| 3 |
|   4   |
| 5 | 6 |

Instead I'm getting:

| 1 | 2 |
| 3 | 5 |
|   4   |
| 6 |

The explanation of the problem is very good so I am not going to repeat it here.

I think and hope there is a solution available with the current version of dashboard or someone can provide a code snipped to achieve this. It is very useful when you deal with different devices with different screen dimensions to have control over the way the objects are placed on the screen.


In short the answer is no - it is one of the bugbears of the system and why many people revert to using the ui-template or alternative dashboards such as Flexdash or UiBuilder


Or use the layout tool available in the dashboard sidebar to insert some ui-spacers to fill that gap and force the layout to how you want.

Thank you for the alternative frameworks you habe mentioned. I have to calculate my own "internal business case" to figure out the balance between digging into a new framework vs. the long term value it will provide. Until now I am pretty happy with dashboard, but as we move forward to more complex visualisation we may change the platform. I will definitely have a look on Flexdash and UIBuilder.

Thanks for the input. The spacer is a very handy tool to "design" the dashboard the way I want it to look like with a specific resolution. I'd like to have a device, or better resolution independent, solution, and from my current perspective is not an easy task to achieve with spacers.

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