Spacer not working as expected in UI

Hi I have a dashboard that I am trying to organize. I have 6 text nodes in a group populated by a flow. Between nodes 3 and 4 I wanted to add a spacer to ensure the last 3 nodes are displayed on a new line. I added a spacer of size 44x1 as 44 is is the width of the group. I would expect that this would cause the last 3 nodes to start on the next line but that does not seem to be the case. Instead all nodes are displayed on the same line exactly as they were before placing the spacer. Perhaps I am misunderstanding something here!?

the spacer only needs to be 44 - (the width of the three text nodes)
(though the real intention is to use the layout option in the latest dashboard...
image so you can see how to ay them out

I have had horrible times with the spacer thing too.

It jumps form one tab to another when I resize it, or try to reposition it in the list of things in that tab.

I finally got it to work. Had to make the spacer (width of tab) - (width of three text nodes). So 29 was the magic number. I did update to the latest node-red 0.20.8 but the layout button still does not appear on the dashboard editor. Problem solved for now but I am definitely interested in the layout function as this has been my biggest set back with node-red.

Thanks for the help, your suggestion definitely pointed me in the right direction.

You need dashboard 2.16.x (as well as newish Node-RED - so you are OK there)

I updated to the latest dashboard and I'm definitely liking the new layout tool! Very cool and saves a lot of time. Thanks for the heads up.

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